sábado, septiembre 02, 2006

El Complot en Venepoetics

El complot

Israel Centeno has written what might be the first work of fiction to evoke the chaotic political and social crisis that has engulfed Venezuela since 1998. His third novel, El complot (Caracas: Alfadil Ediciones, 2002), is centered around a convoluted plot to assassinate a militaristic leader obviously based on Hugo Chávez. When the novel was first published, Centeno was accused by Chavistas of advocating or encouraging assassination. But in fact, the unnamed military leader in the novel is hardly in the book at all. What Centeno is doing instead is drawing a portrait of a nation enduring a prolonged crisis that reaches all levels of society. In many ways, El complot (The Conspiracy) is prophetic in how it anticipates aspects of the dangerous months before and after the so-called "mini-coup" that briefly deposed Chávez in April of 2002 (Centeno finished the novel in October 2001). The novel is a frightening portrait of a country immersed in a confusing and seemingly-endless crisis.

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